Tell us about yourself:

I am a yachtie and a serial tech entrepreneur. I currently live on a yacht based in the San Francisco Bay Area and work onboard as a Mate.  

What is your innovation/idea?

Find is a social network for meeting new people. It allows you to find any type of person anywhere in the world. Unlike most social networks, Find has 0 degrees of separation between users and is a quantum network rather than a branching tree network. It is currently available for iOS in the App Store and will be launched on Android shortly. Find will eventually make money off of ads that improve the experience rather than detract from it. However, Find has an extremely unique revenue model in the works that I hope will catapult the company to unicorn status.

Why are you participating in this competition?

I am participating in this competition because I just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and I am yet to attend a tech event. I think that the networking opportunity will be priceless.