Founded in 2013, HackCancer is a group of philanthropic, young professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area who create fun events that bring together great people to raise awareness and funds for good causes. They have raised more than $500,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and other cancer related non-profits. Their signature events include MadMen Cocktail Bash & Date Auction, the annual White Party at The W Hotel, and Mr/Ms Silicon Valley to name a few. Many notable accomplishments include the world's first Bitcoin fundraiser, online VC auction and World's largest Game of Thrones Party.

HackCancer Founding Members

Steve Chen, Chairman | Anjou Ahlborn Kay, President | Neil Kay | Toni Alejandria | Jimmy Ku | Nada Es | Kunal Sood

HackCancer Committee Leads

  • Sara Plummer Barnard - VIP Liaison
  • Michael Becerra - Contestants/Speakers Liaison
  • Courtney Cohan - Sponsorship
  • Nada Es - Charity Liaison
  • Marquesa Finch - Fund the Fight Lead  
  • Neil Kay - Operations
  • Dominique Kim - Newsletter Lead
  • Jimmy Ku - Mr|Ms Competition
  • Bri Lempesis - AV/Video Lead
  • Lily Mak - Check-In/Volunteers Lead 
  • Ann Murray - PR Lead
  • Brendan Norman - Photographer Liaison
  • Tatiana Norman - Event Vendor Operations
  • Nichole Ortiz - Timeline Coordinator
  • Nancy Reyes - Branding Lead
  • Latisha Taylor - Set up Lead 
  • Chris Tosswill - Tech Lead 
  • Katie Vaughn - Facebook and inbound comms 

HackCancer Legacy Members

  • Michael Kaney
  • Sarah Kaney
  • Dave Kim
  • Danielle Maybach
  • Kym McNicholas
  • Jonathan Teo
  • Jennifer Tzeng 
  • Charles Yim
  • Alexa Alejandria
  • Jen Bradburn
  • Damon Bruce
  • Lona Carter
  • Connie Chan
  • Tim Chang
  • Neej Gore
  • Jared Heymen
  • Zak Holdsworth
  • Caroline Jordan


HackCancer General Members

Christina Anna, Ali Binazir, Lauren Buchman, Courtney Faber, Jessica Gurskis, Eric Jansen, Alyse Lanae, Kristen Melelani, Anacarmina Mariategue,Siya Mehtani,Amanda Murphy, Michael Paim,Roya Pakzad,Josh Rasmusun, Roger Royce, Heidi Smith, Lisa Vulkovich, David Wattell, Rachel Wolfson, Larry Wong, Renil Zachariah,


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HackCancer Supported Candidates 


2015 Man of the Year

Vishal Gurbuxani


2017 Man & Woman of the Year

Doug Dalton

Amira Mourad