Sara Plummer

Sara Plummer

What is your innovation/idea?

Silicon Valley is a dynamic innovative space filled with the best & brightest, overworking to innovate and create. We have to be at our best to thrive, Unfortunately, overwhelm, anxiety, fatigue, and lethargy get to the best of us. I have a wellness app in mind- BlissfulMindBody that gives in the moment real physiological & psychological tools to reverse anxiety and depression.

Tell us about yourself

We need this app! Chronically high cortisol levels, undernourishment depleting our vital micronutrients necessary for making happy neuro chemicals, improper shallow breathing, inactivity, lack of meditative breaks, inefficient sleeping patterns, dehydration post too much coffee and happy hours, and overly harsh mean mental patterns lead to stress, low self esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, disconnected sadness, cancer, depletion of relationships, and burnout. 

*Help me put the yoga instructor, meditation coach, Heart Rate monitor, supplement suggester, and positive mantra reminder in your pocket.

Why are you participating in this competition?

There are so many good charities to support and this one attracts some of the most dynamic, inspiring, go getters passionate about making a difference. When my unapologetically fierce grandmother fought Pancreatic Cancer this year and lost 2 weeks ago, I found meaning & gratitude in the events and efforts of HackCancer & the LLS Society. This has been a blessing and I'm grateful to everyone's time and energy.


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