Olya Ishchukova

Olya Ishchukova

What is your innovation/idea?

Models In Tech – promotional modeling agency for tech companies and brands. (Smart models who speak tech).

Models in Tech was created to give aspiring companies a fresh and attractive platform to promote their products and services.

When did new technology stop being exciting?

Attracting attention to your product is only half of the mission of Models in Tech. Our Highly educated models delight in teaching and promoting your products and services.

All of our models have backgrounds in marketing, sales and business, which make them exponentially more effective than just a pretty face.  Before any engagement, we ensure our professionals are properly trained to learn about your product or service and event objectives. We’ll make the most out of your next event by creating a vibrant and informative atmosphere to engage with attendees, showcase products, and generate future leads. 

Models In Tech. Alluring. Intelligent. Educated.

Tell us about yourself

Olya is a marketing and PR specialist that has worked with a number of startups including Cortexica, FashTech, Startup Monthly, Pinchit, Vuzix, ForeScout, BrandID, NexInfo etc. As a disciplined communications and marketing professional, Olya has helped entertainment and technology brands create and shape their reputations including MTV Russia with over 22 million subscribers.

Olya works behind and in front of the camera to drive marketing, event-management and social media conversation for the publication to engage fashion and advertising stakeholders. 

Olya has dual degrees in Public Relations and Linguistics from Ulianovsk University, one of the first Russian Universities in the Pan European Higher Education Bologna Accord. Olya operates across cultures and languages to engage with target decision-makers and deliver measurable results.

Why are you participating in this competition?

This is my second year being involved into HackCancer team's events. Last year with Steve Chen, this year with Anjou! I'm supporting LLS.org because I believe it's important to bring something to the table which can help sick kids and cancer researches to improve all our lives. It's important to invest your time and energy to make this world better.


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