Tell us about yourself:

Nick is a 16 year Master Technician veteran and is currently ranked #1 Land Rover Technician in the country. He owned and operated 2 successful independent repair facilities which tripled in revenue in 4 years from acquisition to sale. If he is not working, he enjoys riding his road and mountain bikes around the beaches and mountains of Santa Monica. Jennifer built her career managing research projects aimed at finding the causes of cancers that affect women and children, including the California Childhood Leukemia Study at UC Berkeley and the California Teachers Study at the City of Hope, a top-rated National Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center in Los Angeles. In 2014 her work with Cloud Sherpas to build a novel biobanking data collection and participant engagement system at City of Hope on Force.com platform was awarded Salesforce’s Partner Innovation Award for healthcare. It has since served as the model for similar solutions at research institutions across the country. When she is not working, she enjoys skiing, scuba diving, and managing her cats’ Instagram account.

What is your innovation/idea?

When getting your car repaired, have you ever…
… struggled to describe when the problem occurs or what it sounds like?
… been sold a service or part that you weren’t sure you needed?

… played phone tag with your service advisor trying to answer a question or
approve an estimate?
… waited all day to pick up your car, only to find out it was ready hours earlier?
… forgotten to get your oil changed, or found out that your partner or child forgot

to his or hers changed…for months?
Taking your car to the shop can be a real hassle. We fix that.
The same inefficiencies that cause those lousy customer experiences also reduce productivity among dealership staff, costing the average dealership $1M annually. Productivity suffers because communication is spread across various channels, which are often ineffective: phone calls, voicemails, online appointments, email marketing, dealer management systems—even printing out orders and physically walking them to the next employee in the workflow.
We fix that, too.
The FIXT web & mobile application delivers native messaging, workflow automation, and car maintenance convenience tools to automotive dealership service departments and their customers to reduce dealership costs, increase customer convenience, and improve communication for both.
As a customer:
Receive your repair estimate electronically in the app, giving you time to review it without being pressured to say yes to things you may not understand. Exchange photos and audio of service lights, engine noises that are hard to explain, and worn and damaged parts, to explain the problem and better understand your mechanic’s solution.

Store your car’s whole service history—and not in crumpled up invoices shoved
in your glove compartment. Get automated reminders for oil changes and manage your whole family’s fleet—even when your kid, who still forgets to fill the gas tank, drives his first car across the country to go to college. By integrating with a dealership’s existing data system, Fixt simplifies the communications process at multiple points—from making appointments, to specifying repairs, to car pickup—and allows for service reminders and outbound marketing to get customers back in the service department on a regular basis.

Why are you participating in this competition?

We are participating in this competition to maintain a socially responsible company from the beginning. Cancer is a topic that touches us all. Nick’s fiancé is a stage 2 breast cancer survivor. She has remained active in the cancer community and was a spokesperson for young survivors thru her blog. She has an unmistakable charisma and joy for life that effects everything she does. Out Living It is her mantra. Jennifer’s stepfather unfortunately lost his battle with brain cancer in 2011. Jennifer was witness to how cancer can devastate a family and has since dedicated much of her professional life to cancer research and prevention.