Tell us about yourself:

As a Silicon Valley native, I've always been fascinated with how technology has the ability to transform and improve our lives. Bringing creative people together comes naturally to me. In fact, I started my first business in high school, a surf school.

At San Jose State University, I studied Marketing and Economics. This gave me an appreciation for understanding what motivates people, while also being data driven in my approach. I grew up in Los Gatos and have always been passionate about my community. I had the honor to serve as Chair of the Parks Commission, which was an awesome learning experience. I'm very fortunate to work with such a fun and dedicated team, on a product that is rooted in empowering local business. 

What is your innovation/idea?

Evlo (Everything Local) is a the easiest way to design and furnish your home.

A while ago, I purchased a piece of furniture online. When it finally arrived 6 weeks later, It was uncomfortable and poorly made, so I returned it. Unfortunately, there was a 30% restocking fee (and I had nowhere to relax while I watched Game of Thrones). It was a pretty frustrating experience, one that needed fixing.

Evlo is a platform to explore local art/furniture, and have it delivered to with no obligation to buy. Sometimes you know what you want, other times you don't— but that shouldn't stop you from finding your perfect piece. Users can connect live with interior designers or search everywhere at once; by color, price, style, location, and more. Have it brought to you, then decide if you want to purchase.

We are taking the process of designing and furnishing your home, and making it a delight for the user.

With Evlo, furniture comes to check you out. Download at www.evlo.co/app

Why are you participating in this competition?

Many people have been personally effected by cancer. When I was 11, my mother was diagnosed and I remember the constant fear. She was treated by amazing doctors at Stanford, and with their help (and lots of prayers) she made a full recovery. My mom is an incredibly warm and caring person. Seeing her struggle had a big impact on me, so I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful cause.