Free-spirited, fun, and dedicated to healthy living.   

Yasmeen is a dynamic woman - and devotes her time to helping others live healthy and fulfilling lives.  She has an accomplished career in the medical field and currently works with a team of scientists and physicians who are creating an anti-toxin immunoglobulin for infants.  She also also dabbles in a few startups, and as of 2014 became a certified wellness coach.  In her coaching practice she focuses on meditation and happiness and loves helping people pinpoint what is making them unhappy in their life and then helping them to try to solve it. 

3 things you might not have guessed about Yasmeen:

  • She has ridiculous putting skills, as in golf.
  • She was in a Coca Cola and M&M commercial as a kid. 
  • Her first date ever was with Macaulay Culkin. They took a limo to the Spaghetti Factory. 

Why is Yasmeen committed to raising money and awareness for HackCancer charities?

Three years ago when her brother was 16, he was diagnosed with a rare and life threatening form of bone cancer. She was shocked to see the amount of children getting treated alongside him. We often forget that kids get cancer too. Yasmeen believes It's important to help raise money to contribute to drug development and research so that when kids get sick, they have access to the best care. 

You won’t want to miss out on the chance to get to know this dynamic (and fun!) woman, so get ready to bid!

Yasmeen’s “Night on the Town” Package

Luxury Transport:
Your date can begin with a day trip to Wine Country to explore Napa Vineyards -with elite black Car service from one of the bay area’s highest rated transportation services - BSW Limo . They will be providing a luxury SUV with all the amenities…You can use the service for a night on the town - for up to 5 hours, the world is your oyster!

Getting ready:
To get you ready for your big date, this package includes a gift certificate for "The Legend" Service at JA Razor Club.  Since 1988, John Allan has provided men with more than just great services and products; He has introduced them to a lifestyle and philosophy that has men caring more about their appearance and personal well-being. Your 45-minute "Legend" experience includes massaging shampoo and conditioning treatment, precision haircut, manicure, cooling hair rinse, steaming hot towel, free radical facial cleanse, hairstyling, shoe shine, and a beverage.

Classy Attire:
The classy gent who wins will also receive a stellar surprise gift from Iliac Golf, a major pro golf sponsor.  Jimmy Walker and Danny Lee are looking extra dapper at the Pebble Beach pro-am tour due to Iliac.  

Happy Hour Bubbly:
Enjoy happy hour hotspot Novela - home of cocktails with character.  You’ll be treated to a bottle of bubbly and a chance to soak in the modern decor mixed with vintage literary touches.  

Decadent Dinner:
Sample whimsical hand crafted cocktails and pan-global inspired pub food in a chic bohemian setting at SOMA’s hot restaurant and lounge - Bergerac.  

Keep the conversation going and the party rolling with a $50 gift certificate to Lightning Tavern.  

Retail Value:  $600
Minimum Bid:  $300

Bid online via Charity Dreams for the “Wine Country with Yasmeen Date Package!"

Thank you to the generous sponsors who have made Yasmeen’s date package possible: