Rory and Emil


Tri-athlete. Humorous. Gentlemanly.

Rory studied engineering at the University of Notre Dame and law at the University of Michigan.  (Who does he root for during college football season?!) Rory practiced law in Chicago for six years before moving to the Bay Area in 2012. Since moving to the San Francisco, Rory has taken up training for, and participating in, triathlons. Always enthusiastic and positive, Rory prides himself on his Midwestern values.

3 Fun Facts About Rory

  • He’s an intellectual property attorney.
  • He played water polo in college.
  • He’s 62.5% Irish.

Why is Rory committed to raising money and awareness for HackCancer charities?

Rory is passionate about raising money for cancer cures and treatments because he father battled thyroid cancer.


Gentleman, Entrepreneur, Athlete 

Originally from the East Coast, Emil studied marketing and economics at Marquette University, where he also competed on Division I track and field team in the 400m hurdles. After pursuing a career in digital media and events in New York City, Emil turned to his passion for health and business in the start-up world of San Francisco (and does the occasional modeling gig on the side). Emil loves his family and loves living life to its fullest. It’s hard not to have fun when he’s around.

3 Fun Facts About Emil:

  • He’s an amazing cook (he cooked two Thanksgiving dinners this year).
  • He has titanium plates in his head.
  • He co-produced a TEDx at the United Nations in New York City.

Why Emil Is Involved in Raising Money and Awareness for HackCancer Charities?

Emil's very close cousin had leukemia and survived only because of new treatment research that was directly funded by groups like HackCancer; this is his way of giving back.

Rory and Emil’s “Active Adventure” date package

Climbing to Great Heights: Scale San Francisco’s best rock walls at Planet Granite. Neither Rory nor Emil has ever rock climbed, so this is the perfect opportunity to learn (or to show them how it’s done)!

Bouncing Around: Defy gravity at House of Air on giant trampolines. Bounce, jump, flip, laugh, and repeat for an hour’s session.   

Shopping Spree: Shop for the latest athletic gear at Sports Basement with a $100 gift certificate. (Emil has promised to provide fashion advice.)

Fine Dining: Indulge in over $150 in delicious food and drinks at Delarosa…well deserved after having worked off the calories earlier in the day.

Arrive in style: As part of this package, Uber has generously donated a $50 credit for a ride (excluding taxi), so you can arrive in style. 

Thanks to the sponsors!