This gorgeous Aussie has many talents… and rumor has it she may have taught Steve Irwin how to wrestle crocodiles.  

Comes From:  The Land Down Under 

Studied at:  Queensland University of Technology

3 fun facts about Nada:

  • She’s been kicked out of Canada

  • Has an identical twin sister 

  • Once broke into a skyscraper at night, just to repel down it 

Her passions are:

This gal is a world traveler - covering 30 States and 30 countries in the past 10 years, with 7 passports to date. 

She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. At the age of 20 she built her own laundromat and storage sheds as commercial property investments...and as such, only had her first manicure in the past year (at the insistence of her friends). 

Though rappelling from a skyscraper doesn’t scare her, escalators still make her nervous – she never stepped on one until age 17 once she left the outback of Australia.

Why is Nada involved in raising $$ and awareness for HackCancer?

A week after Nada’s 16th birthday, her father was diagnosed with Leukemia with an 8% chance of survival. Her parents departed the very next day to live in the city (1500 miles away) for Chemotherapy treatment for the next year.  Being suddenly confronted with living on her own and knowing her father was staring death in the eyes, shifted Nada’s priorities and broadened her perspective.  

Knowing that other people have loved ones battling cancer motivates her to fundraise for this cause.  She is a dedicated member of the HackCancer team, and works tirelessly to help fundraise and support the cause.

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Check out more photos of this Aussie beauty with a heart of gold.

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