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Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Josh loves making people laugh and bringing happiness into the lives of others. Josh’s never ending thirst for knowledge inspires him to continually seek new experiences. When he’s not working at a legal strategy consultant, he’s working to turn his passion for travel into a successful business as cofounder of Zipkick.

3 Fun Facts About Josh

  • He loves to cook and prides himself on his killer cinnamon brussel sprouts and ribeye steaks.
  • He grew up riding horses and tractors.
  • While attending the University of Nebraska, he worked as an arborist felling trees.

Why is Josh committed to raising money and awareness for HackCancer charities?

Josh’s good friend was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago. After raising thousands dollars to help with treatment for his friend, Josh began to search for new ways to help others who are dealing with this disease. Josh joined HackCancer as a way to spend quality time with quality people in making an impact on finding a cure for his friend’s cancer and the cancers that affect so many others every year.


World Traveler, Future Sommelier, Hockey Enthusiast

This Midwest boy works for a consulting firm by day, and the cofounder of Zipkick by night. Jason cofounded Zipkick with Josh to influence the way people conceptualize travel by personalizing the experience. Jason’s passion for travel stems from his curiosity about the world, which has prompted endless exciting experiences abroad. Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Jason’s day is made when he makes someone else’s better.

3 Fun Facts About Jason:

  • He played hockey in high school, where the primary rivalry was against Alex Stalock (who is now the goaltender for the San Jose Sharks).
  • Often dreams of being a sommelier…although he’d only had box wine before moving to San Francisco.
  • Traveled from Tel-Aviv, Israel to Cairo, Egypt with an Avis map in hand. This was practically a scene from the Amazing Race, which included nearly missing the flight back home.

Why Jason Is Involved in Raising Money and Awareness for HackCancer Charities?

Jason joined HackCancer because he was inspired by the amazingly talented people behind the organization and wanted to work side-by-side with them to give back to the community by bettering the lives of others. Anyone can donate money, but it takes a selfless person to give their time and that provides endless fulfillment. Also, the HackCancer events are a fun way to raise awareness and provide an outlet for people to share their stories.

Josh and Jason's "Great Wine Escape" Date Package

Luxury Transport: Enjoy the comfort of a fuel efficient vehicle and the convenience of a chauffer: Your transportation for the day is provided by Lloyd Christmas. (Valued at $100)

Grand Chateau: Sample some of Napa’s best wines at one of the regions most romantic vineyards, Chateau Montelena Winery. Established in 1882, the tasting room is housed in a stunning stone castle, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. Following your tasting, enjoy lunch in the gazebo overlooking the pristine Jade Lake. (Valued at $200)

Private Tour: Take a private tour of Spring Mountain Vineyard, followed by a private tasting led by the head sommelier of this gorgeous winery overlooking the lush rolling hills of St. Helena. 

(Valued at $200)

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