Toni and Alexa


Data. Design. Development.

Classically trained wiseass. 

3 Fun Facts About Alexa:

  • She rides a fixed gear. 
  • She likes Thin Mints.
  • She has a wicked Klout score. 


Dancer. Philanthropist. All things events.  

Trained dancer and circus artist. Adrenaline junkie.

3 Fun Facts About Toni:

  • She studied theater and dance in Greece.
  • She likes chia seeds.
  • She can pinpoint a Ducati by its engine sound in a group of motorcycles. Blindfolded.

Why Alexa and Toni Are Involved in Raising Money and Awareness for HackCancer Charities?

Motivated to help find a cure for cancer after experiencing their mother's battle against lymphoma, Toni and Alexa got involved with HackCancer at the beginning of Steve Chen's 2013 Man of the Year Campaign and never looked back. They bring their passion for fighting cancer to the group and vow to continue supporting the cause so that more lives can be saved. Today their mother is completely CANCER-FREE and remains an inspiration to both of them. They are also proud daughters of their father who is a LLS Team-in-Training cycling coach in the Napa/Sonoma region.

Alexa and Toni’s “Double Trouble” date package

Conquer Heights: Enjoy a morning of scaling new heights with belay certification and climbing at Planet Granite located by beautiful Chrissy Field overlooking the Bay. 

Culinary Recovery: Partake in SF's finest brews and delicious lunch food at a secret location.   

Culture Map: Spend the afternoon exploring the Asian Art Museum and receive a complimentary one-year membership to AAM's art, programs, and events.

Relaxation: Meditate and center yourself post-date with classes at Yoga Tree SF. (5-class gift certificate.)

Get "Draper-ed" Out: Indulge in "The Legend" service at JA's Razor Club by John Allan's. This experience includes a massaging shampoo and conditions treatment, precision haircut by JA stylist, manicure, cooling hair rinse, steaming hot towel, free radical facial cleanse, hair styling and a shoe shine. 

Arrive in style: As part of this package, Uber has generously donated a $50 credit for a ride (excluding taxi), so you can arrive in style. 

Thanks to the sponsors!