Liat Zakay

Liat Zakay

What is your innovation/idea?

Donde is the place for women to find any dress they have in mind, quickly and easily! Donde helps you search intuitively across all popular brands.

With Donde you can find any dress that you have in mind in just seconds and through a contextual, seamless and delightful process. Our technology is based on AI and contextual search, with already tens of thousand of fashion items from most popular brands analyzed on the platform. 

Donde provides an intuitive mobile search for fashion. 

It happens a lot, mostly to women that they have a type of dress in mind that they want to wear but can never find it and buy it. They can try looking for it in their favorite store but it is not there, they can scroll through multiple pages and various websites and spend a lot of time trying to find it. With Donde you can find it in less than 15 seconds. Demo 

Tell us about yourself

Liat is the CEO and Co-founder of Donde Fashion

Why are you participating in this competition?

We at Donde believe that entrepreneurship is strongly connected with giving back to the society. Responsibility is not ended in the borders of the company but should be expanded to community, that with out it, we cannot exist.