Liana Burtsava

Liana Burtsava

What is your innovation/idea?

Trendy Lime has built a reputation for our premier social and corporate events and experiential marketing campaigns. As its name suggests, Trendy Lime is all about adding the ‘zingy flavour’ to marketing and events, but we know that life isn’t just about the parties. We also pride ourselves on supporting good causes and doing our part to give back to both our local community in San Francisco and the larger global community. 
As a brand new service, we will soon start offering "events in the box" - an innovative online product that will make event planning for companies and individuals easy through a system of checklists, lists of vetted event suppliers, and decorations to create special event experience.

Tell us about yourself

Liana is an international entrepreneur and super connector. In 2009, Liana started a social network and event production agency Trendy Lime, and has grown it to a vibrant network of 7,000+ international members with presence in 3 continents. Liana focuses on the importance of social networks based on her diverse international experience. Born in Belarus, educated in France and Bulgaria, Liana prioritizes the connections she has made having traveled to 50 countries and learning to speak 6 languages.  

She took this love for social networking to another level with a career in Marketing & Entrepreneurship. She is passionate about interactive brand marketing, community building, and driving strategic partnerships. She has contributed to the success of top organizations including RWE, McKinsey&Company, Dafiti, where she has enjoyed Director and VP level capacities.  In 2006 she received an MBA degree from INSEAD in France and Singapore with the specialization in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. A recognized expert in Event Marketing, Liana regularly shares insights in this area at events and conferences and welcomes invitations to present.

Why are you participating in this competition?

I am honored to have supported LLS campaigns for 3 years in a row on behalf of Trendy Lime and personally. I am a firm believer’s in author Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point philosophy — that little things can make big differences — and I do my best to contribute to these initiatives in virtually every event I've put up with my team and through partnering up with HackCancer for the LLS campaign.