Kyle Ellicott

Kyle Ellicott

What is your innovation/idea?

We connect businesses to the social fabric of the Internet of Wearable Things. Our goal is to provide an innovation platform to foster the blend of technology, art and humanity. Through news content, incubator and accelerator programs (Wearable World Labs), and events, Wearable World acts as the catalyst for future Wearable Technology innovation. The Wearable World platform addresses the need for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and engage the wider Wearable Technology global ecosystem.

Tell us about yourself

Work wise I'm the Founder of Wearable World, a Media and Ventures companies focused on Wearables and Internet of Things. With over 10 years of technical and product experience with such companies as Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Eventup, TechZulu. Personal wise, I'm a pretty rad guy who enjoys a ball game in the summer, the crisp cold mountain air in the winter and a tasty beer in the fall.

Why are you participating in this competition?

Honestly, I think it's great that as a whole, we as individuals donate money to save the lives of others. Due to the complexity of things like certain cancers it's necessary for us to do continued research and organizations like this help educate and motivate us to do so. I've had family and friends who've experience hardships with cancer, and thanks to the research done, they were able to see another day.


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