2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Ketan Anjaria



HireClub helps friends find jobs. What started as Facebook group with 25 friends is now almost 20,000 members helping each other find jobs.

We're making hiring more diverse and efficient by making hiring into a conversation where your friends can refer you. Referrals are how 75% of hires happen already and HireClub uses it's vetted professional work to greatly increase your access to qualified candidates.

Companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple, Google, Instagram, Netflix, Hired, GetAround, Uber, Lyft, Thistle, Cruise Automation, Gigster and more have all used HireClub to find great candidates in as little as 15 minutes after a job is posted. We're proud to say HireClub members are 50% women and our ages range from 18 to 70. We have had hiring events in 4 countries and 12+ cities all run by volunteers who want to pay it forward.

We offer career coaching, mock interviews, salary negotiation and more to help our candidates succeed in the job market. After college 99% people do not have access to great career resources and we're empowering the next generation of job candidates by helping them improve their resumes, interview skills, and career paths with our actionable, affordable and emphatic career coaching.

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