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Video is huge and impacts almost all of us. YouTube users alone watch over 6 billion hours of video each month – almost an hour for every person on earth. 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video and the internet will be 74% videos by 2017. 

With so many videos to choose from, it’s challenging for users to remove the fluff in watching videos and skip to the moments that really matter. We are working on unique way of watching videos which utilizes the core fact that when we talk about videos – we are almost always referencing a particular scene/moment within the video. A moment is when one says “that was funny at 4:15” on a video. We capture all that. 

With Unreel we built an AI, we call it Bumblebee, to find the best of what a person might care about in digital video and bring it to the surface in a new and interesting way. Check out our beta - it's currently a great way to watch the most engaging parts of YouTube videos, and we’re expanding from there. We identify the most engaging moments in videos based on conversations around it and we stitch those moments together to create a new watching experience that brings you the highlights of everything you care about - and the great thing is that this experience is easily extensible to any website, mobile-site, and in-apps, shortly. So everything you see at is available via a single line of code as an embed (see

Our tech has found over 500,000 time-stamped referenced moments among just 4,500 videos so far and adding new ones every day. That’s approx. 110+ moments average per video. surfaces them for a more enhanced viewing experience.

If the internet will in-fact be 70%+ video in 2017, we'd like to be a key driver of that and help weave the fabric of an internet of video.

I am a passionate geek and an entrepreneur at heart. Love creating products – I had my first startup when I was 17 where I built websites for school clubs and magazines. I also ran 2 startups throughout college where I spent more time on my own projects than studying! I graduated from Rutgers University with a Computer Engineering degree and have never really worked for another company before except for my own. Till now I have over 4 startup exits under my belt with plenty of self-taught lessons and valuable experiences. I absolutely love what I do and continue to impact myself and others surrounding me. 

I’ve been in the mobile advertising and search engine marketing space for many years but always been passionate about the Video space. I built the core mobile ad server that serves over 100 billion ads per month on top of an extremely lightweight application framework and built several modules that relate to optimization of ad delivery/intelligent data mining.  

Recently got married and moved to the bay area from NYC/NJ. Love the weather out here in Cali as I tend to do more outdoor activities like hiking trips and exploring beaches over the weekends. Huge foodie and sucker for experiencing different cultures – i've got a soft spot for leisure traveling. I do have my 25 things to do in my bucket list out of which I only tackled about 5 of them – so plenty to go!  

Being an entrepreneur – I find myself so busy with work that I don’t get a chance to participate/volunteer in any activities for causes. I myself have recently been diagnosed with FSGS - a kidney related issue that requires me to have a strict diet and to be very cautious.  I find myself appreciating the medical community and charitable organizations that try to help people that require any kind of attention. I am excited to be part of the community and help in any way to raise awareness/funds to help aid those people that are helping the greater good. Feel proud to be participating at HackCancer!

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