2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Morten Pedersen


Genomic Expression

Genomic Expression is finding the best drug for the patient and the best patient for the drug by sequencing RNA and linking alteration to drugs through its proprietary algorithms and databases http://www.genomicexpression.com, Twitter: @dnabarcode +50,000 followers.


• Raised +$6M in grants to validate OneRNA™ in several cancers

• Opened lab in Boston: Sequencing capacity 5000 tests/year 

• Closed several commercial collaborations

• Concluded payer and regulatory strategy and started CLIA certification

• Top placement in Women’s Founders Network, XTC (Richard Branson), Molecular Tri-Conference, Red Herring, MedTech Innovator

• Reinvented the business model and turned the expense of validating OneRNA™ into revenue


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