Creative collaboration is no easy feat, not to mention time consuming. Getting everyone talking and on the same page is a necessary and often painful step in the creative process.  We don't think it has to be. Xprove is a communication tool that helps filmmakers collaborate to get their projects done faster and easier. 

  • So what exactly does Xprove do? It streamlines the feedback process so you can avoid all of those awful email chains, lost or delayed feedback, and other annoying communication bottlenecks.  
  • Why film makers? Because the way the industry is currently doing things is antiquated and needs some updated technology.  
  • Who is a film maker? Anyone from a director, to an editor, to a mom with an iPhone putting together a family video.

In a technology driven world, the film industry is far behind.  By creating a more effective way to iterate projects, you have more time to be creative (instead of being a project manager).  From file sharing, to collaboration, to project management, Xprove is a solution that targets film professionals and the problems they face in pre and post production.

Hi, I’m Erin. I’ve been helping businesses create effective messaging and branding for the last 10 years. My mission has been to help businesses connect to the consumers that need them, helping companies make a difference in the world through the people they help.  Last year I came across Xprove, a business that has been around since 2009.  They were in need of a brand refresh, however I immediately saw an opportunity to create a much needed solution for an underserved audience.  In addition to helping businesses with their communication strategy, making movies is also a passion of mine.  Xprove ended up being the perfect combination of both. When I’m not working or making a movie, you can find me hiking with my dog, hosting a dinner party, or salsa dancing the night away.

I love the idea of combining for profit companies with a nonprofit cause. There is no reason that everyone can’t benefit from each others success. Hackcancer has proven you can do both (all while having a good time for a good cause).

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