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Today, the dating market is split between two types of dating platforms- Relationships and Hookups. These platforms revolve around two fundamental concepts. One type, expects you to sit down and write about yourself and answer hundreds of questions about what you are looking for in a person. This concept automatically relates to dating apps in the Relationship Category. We all hate writing and reading and it's a fact that over 75% lie or exaggerate on their profiles to look better. The second type, just takes a few outdated profile pictures from Facebook that present you, and with the swipe of a finger (a 2 second decision on average) you are supposed to choose if a person is right for you. These kind of profiles only present your outer appearance, and that is why, we as users immediately associate this type of concept with the Hookup Category.

Hashsnap is the first platform that allow its' users to expose who they really are and show off their true personality, in addition to appearance. We are doing it with the Hashsnap Concept. Everyday there is a new daily theme and you can only upload LIVE snaps and videos through the apps camera relevant to that daily theme. With this approach, of legitimacy and authenticity, our profiles will tell so much more about ourselves. Our message to our users is simple - be authentic, be real, no more superficialness. Just #BeYourself!


We don't like to speak about ourselves as individuals but rather as a team. A team of superheroes that came to save the online dating world. Our team is composed of a genius CTO Wizard Programmer, Ilan, who emigrated from France in order to fulfill his dream of joining a startup in Israel. He has over 7 years of experience in mobile development and leading teams of engineers. Dori, our CMO, has vast experience in the field of marketing and sales and is a born leader. He can sell ice to the eskimos and sand in the desert. 
Oded is the most out of the box, creative and motivational CEO you will meet. Dori and Oded have served together for over 8 years in the Israeli Navy with many successful accomplishments on their resume. They each separately commanded on an Israeli Navy Patrol Boat and together commanded on a platoon of 11 ships and managed over 250 soldiers. They led teams into complicated missions under extreme pressure while working together. 10 months ago they met Ilan in Israel and ever since the team has been thriving. 

In our spare time we try to pursue our passion for extreme sports that includes mainly kiteboarding. We also love to have cooking competitions between ourselves and see who can get more girls on dating apps :) (not really). 


Everyone in this industry is trying to "reinvent", to "revolutionize" or to "change the world" - which is great. But if we can do just that, while promoting and supporting a much bigger cause, then we at Hashsnap would love to take part in it. There is something special and motivational in contributing to society and we are happy that we have the opportunity to do so. 

Mr/Ms Silicon Valley Pitch Competition & Gala
Friday, June 5
7pm Pitch Competition & Dinner | 10pm Afterparty & Gala
Penthouse Floor, Westin St. Francis | San Francisco, CA