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Fitness instructors, gyms, and studios continue to post content on their Facebook pages, personal profiles, Spotify, and Instagram for their followers to see. With Facebook dialing reach down to 1%-2% of followers, important class information posted by fitness instructors is going unnoticed. Enthusiasts want to know when and where their favorite instructors are teaching, and most importantly want to know when there’s a substitute. As for internal communication between the gyms or studios and its instructors, emails, texts, and calls are going out daily to cover subs and any pertinent information regarding schedule, content, or maintenance which sometimes gets lost. Being transparent and streamlining both internal and external communication will lead to unprecedented member experiences and opportunities for gyms and studios. We’re empowering the group fitness community to connect, communicate, and collaborate. 


I'm a hard-working Software-Sales Executive by day, a passionate group fitness instructor by night, and a soon-to-be loving husband to the most amazing woman. I went to school and played baseball in Southern California at Concordia University, where I'm in the school record books for both complete games in a single season and career complete games. Over the past 4 years I've worked at great software companies such as RightNow Technologies, Oracle, and New Relic. It was in 2012 when I decided to become a Spin instructor as I love leading a group of people and making them sweat. In the past year, I've been working on how I'd be able to combine my two passions which has translated into NetGym. During all of this, I was lucky enough to meet and propose to the sweetest, most patient woman I've ever met. Right now, my spare time consists of weekend getaways, Game of Thrones, and wedding planning. Well the wedding planning is more Danielle, I'm just nodding in agreement. Now come take my classes at Equinox- Union or Crunch - Chestnut!


When I came home from college, my dad called me into the living room to speak with him. I thought he was going to tell me it's time to start paying rent. I couldn't have been more off, as my dad was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I spent a year taking him to and from doctors appointments and chemotherapy as he battled through it. Fortunately he beat it and Mr. Orlick is still the beautiful loving man he's always been. These events raise awareness and help aid those in need. After sponsoring my own charity event with HackCancer at Equinox, I couldn't be more excited to partner with them again.

Mr/Ms Silicon Valley Pitch Competition & Gala
Friday, June 5
7pm Pitch Competition & Dinner | 10pm Afterparty & Gala
Penthouse Floor, Westin St. Francis | San Francisco, CA