2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Daniel Idzkowski



SkunkLock is the first ever bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, and moped lock to "fight back" against thieves using noxious, vomit inducing chemicals. While other lock makers are focused on making locks bigger or stronger, we realize that any lock on the market can be cut with an angle grinder in 30 seconds or less. 

There are 1.5 million bicycles stolen every year in the US alone, with less than 1% recovered. Approximately 1/5 cyclists that experience a gut-wrenching theft never ride again, that’s ~330,000 cyclists every year that have to get back to their cars, further contributing to traffic congestion and air pollution. We hope we can make an impact and bring a real solution to the market that can actually stop thieves in their tracks, and empower current and future cyclists. 

We are currently accepting pre-orders for the SkunkLock V2 through IndieGoGo, and are scheduled to ship fall of 2017. Through October 21st, we will be providing a 5% discount for HackCancer supporters, and donating an additional 10% of the proceeds on behalf of HackCancer to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  We appreciate your support! 

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