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Infinitywear has 3 components. It’s 

  • An exclusive social network to empower and help women create friendships with like-minded women while they're traveling, moving to a new city or making new friends in their home city.  
  • A wearable ring that looks like jewelry designed for women by the women that buy it because its customized based on what the women select during the process. Its uniquely and luxuriously designed to symbolically represents the woman that wears it- she's unique, beautiful, powerful, wonderful and capable of accomplishing all her dreams. Its an iterative approach so the first version will start with her selecting certain functionality and then the future versions will be upgraded to have new functionality, based on what the community of users suggest. This functionality will consist of features to empower her many roles, while maintaining the exterior beauty of jewelry. 
  • Infinity is also a charity where the revenue from the sales returns 3% of the proceeds to create programs to educate future generations. Programs will be created to teach middle school and high school girls how to gain confidence in order to prevent  bullying. Programs will also be developed to educate all middle school and high school boys and girls on how to prevent abuse. The ring symbolizes that women's roles are capped at infinity and reminds them that at the end of the day, whether they're competitors or not, they're all trying to achieve the same goal, being a mother, friend, sister, or successful career professional, and to encourage empathy.


I've lived in many areas across the US and have made wonderful friends through starting over. I played college tennis so had to learn how to support myself during the toughest tennis matches because, unfortunately, I couldn't sub myself out and had to figure out a way to continue. The team experience also taught the value of having teammates support. I've been blessed to work at some great companies and have met some wonderful friends along the way and want to enable future women an easier method for starting over each time; thereby, enabling their continual career progression.


Cancer research is important to me because its impacted my life, as it does many others. I like the irony that I can pitch my startup at a cancer awareness event. Its a reminder to all that as strong as you are, as tough as you may be physically and mentally, cancer doesn't care who you are or what you've accomplished. It can take down the strongest, smartest, richest and nicest person, so its a reminder for me and hopefully others to be thankful for what we have and when things get tough, optimism, hope and perseverance can beat cancer. I'm honored to be able to pitch and I hope that pitching my startup can provide a means to unify women in the workforce and bring HackCancer's mission more awareness. 

Mr/Ms Silicon Valley Pitch Competition & Gala
Friday, June 5
7pm Pitch Competition & Dinner | 10pm Afterparty & Gala
Penthouse Floor, Westin St. Francis | San Francisco, CA