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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Daniel Idzkowski



SkunkLock is the first ever bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, and moped lock to "fight back" against thieves using noxious, vomit inducing chemicals. While other lock makers are focused on making locks bigger or stronger, we realize that any lock on the market can be cut with an angle grinder in 30 seconds or less. 

There are 1.5 million bicycles stolen every year in the US alone, with less than 1% recovered. Approximately 1/5 cyclists that experience a gut-wrenching theft never ride again, that’s ~330,000 cyclists every year that have to get back to their cars, further contributing to traffic congestion and air pollution. We hope we can make an impact and bring a real solution to the market that can actually stop thieves in their tracks, and empower current and future cyclists. 

We are currently accepting pre-orders for the SkunkLock V2 through IndieGoGo, and are scheduled to ship fall of 2017. Through October 21st, we will be providing a 5% discount for HackCancer supporters, and donating an additional 10% of the proceeds on behalf of HackCancer to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  We appreciate your support! 

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Erika Barraza


EVRealities is a market place for purchasing and licensing virtual reality content. We're a community of professional VR photographers, reporters, artists, and humanitarians submitting immersive content of daily current events. Through our wire and WebVR gallery clients can quickly discover and preview compelling immersive content for documentation and reporting.

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Morten Pedersen


Genomic Expression

Genomic Expression is finding the best drug for the patient and the best patient for the drug by sequencing RNA and linking alteration to drugs through its proprietary algorithms and databases, Twitter: @dnabarcode +50,000 followers.


• Raised +$6M in grants to validate OneRNA™ in several cancers

• Opened lab in Boston: Sequencing capacity 5000 tests/year 

• Closed several commercial collaborations

• Concluded payer and regulatory strategy and started CLIA certification

• Top placement in Women’s Founders Network, XTC (Richard Branson), Molecular Tri-Conference, Red Herring, MedTech Innovator

• Reinvented the business model and turned the expense of validating OneRNA™ into revenue


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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Halland Chen


AVIE automates medical practices with AI and workflow algorithms. 

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Han Jin


Lucid is designing the world's first consumer camera for virtual reality. The LucidCam is a stereoscopic 3D 180 degree camera which captures the world as you see and hear it. One hundred and eighty degree wide-angle lenses enable an active view, and spatial audio enhances the experience.

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Jane Wang


Optimity is a digital health technology company that helps insurers and employers engage their population in proactive health risk management using positive daily micro-interactions delivered by mobile and wearables. 

Prior to Optimity, Jane spent 8 years as a risk specialist in clinical research, specializing in preventing adverse events and death on clinical trials. Now her team is applying the same science and process to proactively address health risk, quality of life and longevity.


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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Karyl Fowler

Transmute Industries

Transmute Industries is a consultancy and engineering firm focused on accelerating commercial adoption of blockchain technologies by leveraging opensource developer tools designed to simplify smart contract development on the Ethereum blockchain. Our most powerful tool, The Transmute Framework, provides a familiar event-based javascript interface for developers.

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Ketan Anjaria



HireClub helps friends find jobs. What started as Facebook group with 25 friends is now almost 20,000 members helping each other find jobs.

We're making hiring more diverse and efficient by making hiring into a conversation where your friends can refer you. Referrals are how 75% of hires happen already and HireClub uses it's vetted professional work to greatly increase your access to qualified candidates.

Companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple, Google, Instagram, Netflix, Hired, GetAround, Uber, Lyft, Thistle, Cruise Automation, Gigster and more have all used HireClub to find great candidates in as little as 15 minutes after a job is posted. We're proud to say HireClub members are 50% women and our ages range from 18 to 70. We have had hiring events in 4 countries and 12+ cities all run by volunteers who want to pay it forward.

We offer career coaching, mock interviews, salary negotiation and more to help our candidates succeed in the job market. After college 99% people do not have access to great career resources and we're empowering the next generation of job candidates by helping them improve their resumes, interview skills, and career paths with our actionable, affordable and emphatic career coaching.

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Kevin Leland



Halo makes it possible to donate directly to the most promising research on the diseases you care about. 

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Mark Thomas


ZenSports is a social network for amateur and recreational sports that makes it easy for you to find and schedule matches with other individual players and teams near you, as well as find, register, and pay for leagues, tournaments, pickup games, and social sporting events.

In addition to finding people to play with and competitions to play in, ZenSports has a very engaging social platform that lets you share videos, pictures, and updates that are happening in your sporting life with your friends and followers. You can even live stream your matches and events to show your friends and the world in real-time all of the winning that you're doing. 

Our app is also great for managing leagues, tournaments, and sports competitions. With ZenSports, players can pay for entry fees with their credit card right from their phone. As a league/tournament organizer, you can manage the registration process, brackets, match play results, stats, standings, prize money, and rankings within the app.

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Mike Krilivsky



RageOn’s is empowering the creators of the world!

KISS, Shaq, Black Eyed Peas, Lisa Frank, Netflix, T-Mobile, and 500,000 others use RageOn to create and sell on demand products quickly! We’ve opened up instant distribution to hundreds of thousands of online stores, invented digital stickers to empower large brands’ fans and creators, and integrated with Shopify to make it easy for their 500,000 stores to make on demand products with RageOn.

Welcome to the future of merchandise!

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Sofya Vasilyeva

Go Bambino


Go Bambino is on a mission to make planning your children’s activities easy!

Parents are spending way too much time and are frustrated with the process of searching for and booking camps, workshops and drop in classes for their kids. The reason this is a problem is because kid activity providers don’t always have the resources to feature their offerings in real time and make bookings easy.

We solve this by offering a platform for kid activity providers to list their activities, schedules, and available inventory in under 10 minutes. We take this information and make it available on the GoBamino booking app where parents can search through appropriate activities for their kids and book right through the app.

We care about helping all children participate in fun and education activities which is why we are partnering with nonprofits and offering bookings for free activities in our app. We are also donating part of our proceeds to foundations that help local families/children. #GoBambinoGives

Coming to the Bay Area - October, 2017!

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2017 Mr|Ms Silicon Valley Candidate

Tobin Fisher

Vantage Robotics

Vantage Robotics has created a massively differentiated flying camera to compete in the $7 B camera drone market by solving the ease of use problem. The company spent over four years developing the product, sold over $1 M in pre-orders, and has just begun shipping to rave reviews. They were selected to be CNN's drone partner and won Sir Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge.

Vantage's first product, Snap, is the only high-performance flying camera that can safely be used near people. With sophisticated tracking, automatic smart shots and your smartphone as the controller, Snap brings ease of use to a whole new level. The patent pending modular design enables customers to easily optimize performance with one hour flight times, silent operation, 60 mph flight speeds, and obstacle avoidance modules.

Already featured by Wired, Outside, TechCrunch, Men's Journal, The Verge, and Fast Company, amongst many others, the product has achieved strong traction with the press.

Vantage has a distribution deal in place with Amazon and strong interest from Apple, with combined sales forecasts of 6000 units/month.

The experienced team of Stanford, Yale, CMU, IDEO, NASA, HP, Panasonic, and Volkswagen alums have started a combined 8 companies previously and have been granted over 50 patents.

Investors include Crunchfund, Accelerator Ventures, Ruvento, Angel List, Hone Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures, Andy von Flotow, one of the most successful drone entrepreneurs in the United States, Blake Krikorian, founder of Sling Media, Bill Tai, an internationally recognized VC, Othman Laraki, ex VP of Product for Twitter (now CEO of Color Genomics) and other extremely experienced angel investors.

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