Alex Pearce Productions, LLC is a 360 Video production company and our main goal is to create content that connects storytelling and technology.

360 video is immersive video that allows the user to interact with the video. Our content is best viewed with a Virtual Reality headset like the Oculus Rift, but can be enjoyed on the web, a computer, tablet, mobile phone or in our App which is coming soon.

Most 360 videos being produced today are normal everyday "experiences". They are someone 
riding a bicycle or playing guitar, and although it is a new and exciting way to view ordinary things, this kind of content is not going to reach a large audience.

This content reminds me of the first motion pictures. One early "experience" that comes to mind is the Lumiere brother's film "Arrival of a Train". When people saw that film, they were blown away and many even believed there was a real black and white train heading straight for them! But at the end of the day, there was no story or notable characters, so after the initial "wow factor", it was really nothing more than a gimmick.

Companies like Facebook, Google, Samsung, HTC and GoPro have invested billions into hardware and software, but without creative storytelling, it's nothing more than a train entering a station.

Whether it's a branded experience, a short film, an event or a music video, we tell stories beyond the train and past the station.


I realized I wanted to create visual stories while I was stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan; deemed the most dangerous city in the world at that time. My job was to help civilians in the battlefield and one day I will tell that story. 

After my deployment, I finished up my B.F.A. in Film Directing and became a freelance producer/director. I focused on all-in-one-take short films. For example, a recent film I made deals with Alzheimer's Disease and is fifteen minutes in length. It doesn't have a single edit or cut, the camera is constantly moving and we had to constantly visualize the entire environment, not just a close up or a small studio space. Being able to visualize like this put me in a unique place when 360 video made a scene, and I was able to transition to this new way of storytelling very quickly.


My grandfather survived bypass heart surgery and a tough life, but couldn't survive cancer. It seems that cancer is spreading faster than ever and I believe we need to fight back. This is an opportunity for me to spread awareness and contribute to the war on cancer. 

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