Abtin Rostamian

Abtin Rostamian

What is your innovation/idea?

Transportation is a big part of our lives.  It’s how we get to work, take care of errands, make it to important life events, and return home to our loved ones.  It’s as necessary as running water and we believe that affordable, reliable, and comfortable transportation should be available to everyone, everywhere.  

We’re creating a whole new way to get around at a price point that’s closer to public transport.  We strongly believe that it will positively impact people’s lives around the world while helping the environment at the same time.  

Tell us about yourself

I’m a shameless computer nerd that loves to build things.  At the age of 13, I started my own IT business where I built, repaired, and maintained computers for realtors and lawyers (which at its peak had over 100 clients).  I did the IT business until I graduated high school and having to decide what I’m going to get a degree in, and ultimately what I’m going to do for the rest of my life, I figured I might as well go full-nerd so I went to UC San Diego and got a B.S. in Computer Science.  I graduated with a great appreciation for the ability of software to make an impact on people’s lives and I’m very blessed to do what I love every day.

Throughout the years, I’ve started and advised numerous technology startups and have also developed large-scale artificial intelligence based underwriting and calculation engines for some of the nation's leading financial institutions which are still actively being used today.  I was one of the local leaders of the Startup America Partnership, as well as Free Lunch Friday — both of which help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. 

In my spare time I love to travel the world, meet new people, and experience different cultures.  I also have an uncanny gift for ignoring warning signs in foreign countries which has allowed me amass a sizable pile of interesting stories.

Why are you participating in this competition?

A few years ago, my uncle who is like an older brother to me, was diagnosed with cancer and I saw first hand how it completely devastated and crippled our entire family.  Being an engineer, I felt completely helpless and frustrated to not be able to ‘fix’ him.  Events like this allow ordinary people like me to at the very least raise and contribute monetary resources to aid those in the medical community who are working tirelessly around the clock to find a cure.  


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