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Tell us about yourself:

Shelley Janes is a previous real estate agent and was voted a top Realtor in the Denver/Boulder area (and is also an excellent high-fiver!). After flipping homes on her own and having investment properties, she realized the real estate industry was incredibly inefficient and antiquated. She wanted to empower people to have a new choice to buy and sell homes without any agent involvement and to bring back the human connection through a very easy and streamlined process.

What is your innovation/idea?

We allow home buyers and sellers to complete their home sale completely online without any agents or their fees. By taking out the middle man, we streamline the real estate process and provide a platform to directly connect buyers and sellers in a straightforward and user-friendly way.


Why are you participating in this competition?

My grandpa was recently diagnosed with blood cancer and I've also had other families with a variety of cancers. I strongly believe we can find a cure for cancer in our lifetime. HackCancer has done a fantastic job of bringing awareness to LLS through the startup community.