Born and raised in a small town north of the Arctic Circle, I obtained a black belt in “remote” shopping at an early age. I founded my first enterprise at age 7, going door to door selling children’s books I had already read to other kids in my neighborhood. The business came to an abrupt end when my mom received a call from one of the other mothers saying the books were unreadable as they
were all in German, my mother’s native language. I argued that most of the other kids couldn’t read anyway and would just look at the pictures, but it didn’t help. I learned a valuable lesson in customer satisfaction and sales ethics that day.

I went on to study finance and economics in college before deciding to go to business school when the financial crisis came blasting with all its force. Shortly after graduating, I launched my first online apparel brand and have been a passionate e-commerce entrepreneur ever since.

An avid skier and outdoors enthusiast, I can often be found hitting the slopes in Tahoe or bicycling in the Marin Headlands.


As the shift from physical to digital commerce continues, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in a crowded space. Consumer-focused businesses need to captivate their audience on a personal level and provide an authentic experience for their customers in order to be successful.

Preplay is an interactive video solution that helps online retailers connect with their audiences and significantly improve conversion rates. Our clients can stream live or pre-recorded video events with integrated chat and customizable
calls to action.

The x-factor is our actionable, real-time analytics that allows Preplay clients to analyze every step of shoppers’ purchasing journey, enabling them to optimize events and create a more enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.


Seven years ago my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At first, it seemed like the cancer was only at an early stage; however, it turned out that the cancer had spread. Sadly, there was not much her doctors could do asides from palliative treatment. Despite the challenging circumstances, my grandmother retained her sense of humor and love of life, something that remains an inspiration to me to this day. I’m honored to have the opportunity to help increase awareness and raise funds to battle this merciless disease.