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Latisha Taylor left a successful career in pharmaceutical sales five years ago to start HCPN Alliance, which has become a multi-million dollar heathcare practice management firm.  Her clients include Alta Bates, Highland Hospital and the Golden State Warriors. She's a best-selling author and former professional cheerleader who has learned how to inspire teams who work together to bring thoughts into action.  She earned a B.S. in Communications from the University of Idaho. 

Through her pharmaceutical experience, and health practice management firm, Latisha has identified a gap in employee health awareness and disease prevention. In 2014 Latisha co-founded Health Measured, to fill this gap.  


Health Measured is a Corporate Wellness platform Human Resources Executives are using to Assess, Coach and Incentivize healthy employee behavior. 

 How it Works

1.      Test employees for biomarkers to gain an individual health baseline against a minimum of (4) data points.

2.      Run data analytics against these data points coupled with trend analysis, population data, and medical reference across at least (5) data sets.

3.      Provide HIPAA compliant individual employee analysis for future chronic disease risk (report)

4.      Fitbit-like peer-to-peer application to encourage employee engagement, retention, healthy behavior modification and impact.

5.      Reach beyond employees to impact their family unit by extending the testing and wellness platform to them

Program participation impacts four critical issues plaguing the $6 billion Corporate Wellness industry:

·       Employee Productivity and Sick Leave

·       Employee Emotional Well-Being (Retention)

·       Corporate Insurance Cost Reduction

·       Predictive Health Analytics

Our reports present a comprehensive narrative, which better informs of nutrition, trends and behavior based upon science. The goal is to incorporate low-friction wellness into the workplace and begin health conversations, provide access to relevant health education, generate individual employee interest and commitment to increasing their quality of life - while reducing company health care costs. 


My best friend, Holbrook Kohrt Stanford MD. Ph.D died on Wednesday, February 24. Holbrook had been battling a chronic blood disease all of his life, and in recent years had become resistant to standard therapy. He had been on investigational therapy for his disease and was by everyone's estimation, one of the most brilliant translational researchers of his generation - poised to make great contributions to the defeat of cancer. His innovative cancer immunotherapy preclinical work led directly to the development of clinical trials that may transform the care of cancer patients today. 

His loss is not only a personal one for those of us who knew him, but a tragic loss for cancer patients everywhere. Organizations, like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, donate funds to researchers like him.  We are doing our part to ensure his research moves forward. 

Together, we CAN HacCcancer.