Tell us about yourself:

Crystal has spent her career dedicated to working in healthcare, education, and social improvement or more than 15 years. First, leading Operations and IT at Brown & Toland, Stryker, and later as a management consultant with firms such as Schaffer&Combs. After founding Educate Our State, an advocacy organization that expanded to more than 250,000 supporters in just three years, she has explored the tech world and serves as an advisor to a variety of socially-conscious-based for and non profit start-ups, including Krystallize Technologies, Taproot, Netgym, Ribbon Labs, and Squish. Crystal co-founded Healthiest in late 2014 and has led the team as CEO & Founder. Crystal was named one of the "Forward Thinkers" by California Forward 2011 and awarded the "Women Making History 2011" by the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco. When not immersed in reading about healthy choices, products, and technology, she is usually on a run, doing yoga, at the farmers market, listening to live music, or playing with her three daughters.

“Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed” - Cesar Chavez

What is your innovation/idea?

Healthiest is bringing healthcare directly to the consumer. Our platform delivers personalized natural medicine solutions for the growing number of people searching for medical and health alternatives. In other words, a modern day “alternative medicine WebMD.”

We have begun this big mission with our brand, Healthiest, and the products that meet our standards as the healthiest in the world. We curate, vet, and sell personal care and health products using a proprietary selection process. We have over 80 SKU's and recently acquired a small company 21bundles.com - a monthly subscription box of healthy products for pregnant moms and new parents. This is Healthiest 1.0. and demonstrates the need for a knowledge source dedicated to alternative health information and offerings.

Healthiest 2.0 involves the technology solution that integrates data about a patient and/or customer seeking health advice. This will include EMR, wearable data, blood and genomic testing, to name a few. We will offer solutions from both Western and Natural Medicine of products, content, telemedicine, and visits to practitioners, depending on the needs of the individual. This technology will be licensable to employers, consumers, and Medicare/Medicaid - creating a scalable model for the technology and the commerce. We will be able to bypass insurance and actually provide a way to cut costs and keep the US (and the globe) healthy.

Why are you participating in this competition?

Healthiest is on a mission to help consumers access natural healthcare to stay and be healthy. We want to make it easy to treat common and chronic conditions without the use of harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. There is no reason we should have to use harmful chemicals linked to cancer or any other disease in order to find relief. Cancer is also referred to as the disease of toxicity and anything we can do to help people detoxify their environments, and avoid cancer, or assist them in treating cancer is why we exist. We are looking for supporters, advisors and investors to support our mission and what better platform than Hack Cancer?