Tell us about yourself:

Born in Montreal, Canada, I started 2 company prior to Spoil. Both being highly focused on providing amazing customer experience, I think great business are built first and foremost by strong relationships between all stakeholders. After exiting both, my passion for companies pushed me in technology when I met my co-founders and founded Spoil with the goal of using technology to strengthen relationships between people through giving. Quickly picked up by Y-Combinator, we decided to move the company to the bay area being the perfect birthplace for our movement to make the world a happier place through technology. I'm a big fan of playing sports more than watching them. No matter what it is, if you're up for a game Ill be next to you in no time! 

What is your innovation/idea?

A mobile marketplace that makes giving a fun, easy and ubiquitous act. 

Why are you participating in this competition?

I believe that Hack Cancer and Spoil share the same values of giving to others. Add to that the entrepreneurial side, it's the perfect mix of what Spoil stands for. Altruism and Innovation.